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Founded in 2004, Die kleine Barock Band is aimed at interested and ambitious pupils and students who would like to get closer to baroque music without having to pick up a historical instrument right away

The basics of baroque articulation, the specific rhythms and tempi of baroque dances, the derivation of phrasing from vocal music, an introduction to the special moods of the baroque period, the theory of affects and, of course, an insight into the ornamentation catalog, both the essential ornaments and the changes over simple intervals.

With an insight into this subject matter, the music that follows is also presented differently and so baroque music is a crucial foundation for every musician. The program is put together jointly and always contains a mixture of the familiar and the unfamiliar. The different styles are also taken into account.

It is a particular challenge for the players in the baroque band to learn to take responsibility for themselves. The ensemble plays without a conductor, so that each player can and should exert influence. But it also involves the ability to classify and decide on tempo and gesture.

Since 2010, the small baroque band has been under the patronage of the Akademie für Alte Musik, Berlin. The ensemble is able to work with one of the Academy's concertmasters Stephan Mai in every phase of its work. Kerstin Linder-Dewan, a baroque violinist, is available as part of the team to help the strings in particular with their realization on the instrument.

Workshops on baroque dance with Nils Badenhop, Hochschule für Musik Leipzig and Bremen, have been and will be held again.

The aim is to include a vocal work or solo concerto in the program in order to give young singers or instrumentalists the opportunity to present themselves as soloists.

We are happy to welcome players who are interested in baroque music and would like to get to know a historically oriented style of playing. We look forward to receiving your emails at diekleinebarockband (at) online.de

Rehearsals are on Tuesday evenings 19 -21.30 in Steglitz and Schöneberg

Impressions from past concerts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_Qjzt3emZw

Highlights included the 2016 performances of the opera pasticcio "Mediterraneo" directed by Kobie van Rensburg with Syrian musicians

2018 a concert with works by Sir William Herrschel at the Zeissplanetarium