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The musicians:
Matthias Haase, oboe, English horn
Christof Griese, flute, alto saxophone
Jan Hermerschmidt, clarinet
Andreas Dormann, bass clarinet
Sebastian Pietsch, bassoon
Horst Nonnenmacher, double bass
Michael Rowalska, drums
Insa Bernds, harpsichord

These pieces are unique, a skillful combination of the music
the music of the swing of the 30s and 40s with elements
of classical music.
The instrumentation with flute, oboe, English horn, clarinet,
alto saxophone, bass clarinet, bassoon, percussion, bass and harpsichord
harpsichord promises something unusual.
This music is best described as
" jazz chamber music ".
The American composer Alec Wilder is largely unknown in Europe.
largely unknown in Europe, with only a few works appearing in the
concert repertoire.
Wilder is one of the few composers who are recognized in both
recognized in both classical music and jazz.
His oeuvre includes orchestral works, chamber music,
songs, film scores, operas and music for children.
Characteristic is the mixture of a European classical
classical style with elements of jazz.
Although mentioned in most encyclopedias, but nevertheless
his octets, which form the starting point of this program.
this program.
These pieces have such imaginative names as:
"The Neurotic Goldfish" or "Dance Man Buys a Farm".
The program is complemented by some new compositions
compositions written for this ensemble.
for this ensemble. They form a
contrast to the music of Wilder.

the latest productions:

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